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Attractive outlook with heavy images

Most of the website owners have been led to believe that “a beautiful web design” will impress and find new customers for a business. They design a company website to look like a brochure, or newspaper ad and wonder why nobody finds their website! A costly problem: Many business owners later discover that they invested in a website that appears to promote the website design company more than their own! Designing a business website that is informative and functional can produce new customers and be profitable for many years to come. Customers know how to search with a search engine, so it’s never a mistake to get a website that all your potential customers can find and use. Award winning websites only impress website designers. Quality websites impress search engines and your potential customers at the same time. It doesn’t matter what a website costs, if it doesn’t find new business, it wasn’t a good business investment at any price.

Slow Website

Your website should load within few seconds, Need to optimize css, js , image to load a business website within 1 to 3 seconds is an excellent. Hire an expert for speed optimization

Mobile Friendly

Your website must be a mobile friendly, Day by day mobile visitors are increasing. Responsive is a requirement of Search Engine Optimization, so design a site with a responsiveness.

Poor navigation features

A common complaint” about most poorly written business websites: “How do we find information” on this site? Visitors leave a website when they can’t find the business information that they came for. If your web site menu does not provide good links to all your information pages, you need to provide a good site menu, a good Sitemap, or both. “User friendly is the key” to every successful business web site. Good page titles help visitors and search engines, to decide where to go next. A usable website is easy to navigate is very important of a business website.

Search Engine Compatible

The more sophisticated the search engine, the more important valid web pages on your web site becomes. Every search engine organization is working to constantly improve the quality of their search results. Web sites that have too many errors in their markup are already being de-indexed and dropped from their databases. In the future, poor quality invalid websites could lose page ranking position in dramatic fashion. A validated website is very simple for search engines to crawl, index and rank. Valid markup allows every page to display correctly on every browser.

Inaccessible web page content

An accessible web site design is simply following the promise of world wide web. Although information on every business website should be fully accessible to people with disabilities, most web site designers ignore this important website component is big mistake of a business website. For a business website owner, an accessible website design presents an image of respect for all their customers’ needs. The 10 percent of visitors who require accessibility features to access and navigate your site, will certainly appreciate the exceptional customer service values you portray by providing easy access. A user friendly web site is accessible.

All site visitors want to buy something!

Every web site visitor comes to your site the first time for only one reason; to find free information! Information to answer an important question. Information about how to solve a problem. Information about how to find good links to even more free information! It’s always about finding the best information. If your site provides the best answers to their questions, they will probably come back for more information. The next time they visit, they might actually want to be a customer!

Poor Font style and font size choice

Another mistake of a business website is to use small font without considering audience age. A certain trend among designers, believing that small text gives a web page a sleek appearance and provides more space per page for actual content, sometimes results in the use of unreasonably small font sizes.

What’s the most important website component?

Simple words, written on a web page. Free information is what every business site is all about. The words that are written directly on the web page, are all that describe the information content to both search engines and your human visitors as well. Your new customers are already trying to find quality information when they find a website the first time!

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