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A website is a powerful tool of advertisement all around the world. It speaks about you and your organization to people in different locations all around the world. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about website design then follow these simple steps to get your website started.

1. Research work: Before starting any design work, do some research about your company, targeted audience and your competitors. Decide a preliminary design as per the result of this research. This research work would lay down the groundwork into making your website more effective and unique.

2. Unique Design: Just like your personality and your attitude, your website design should be unique. Plagiarized designs create confusion in the viewer’s mind and convey a bad image about your company. Hence, try to make your Website design as creative and unique as possible.

3. Content for your website: Create content that is related purely to your website. To make your content more engaging, use different colors and font styles. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Include some examples to make your content more understandable.

4. Color: If you have any corporate colors, then use those colors for your website design; else use colors that can convey a clear message about your company to the viewers. Try to avoid bright colors as much as possible. 5.

5. Browser Compatibility: Almost all the users of Windows Operating system use the Microsoft Internet explorer for internet browsing. However, what about Linux and Macintosh users? These operating systems have their own web browsers. And almost 80% web designers use those html tags which are only supported by Microsoft internet explorer. There is a possibility that your website design may not look good in those browsers (Netscape, Mozilla Firefox). So after completing your designing work do not forget to check your website design in these browsers.

6. Music: Using music for music related sites is a good idea. However, if you have non-music website and want to use music, then do not use any background music or sound to auto-play. A good approach is to provide a choice to the viewers after indicating the file size.

7. Simple: Simple websites look clean and attract more visitors. It allows the visitors to find the information that they are looking for easily rather than hunting here and there. Another advantage of a simple web design is that it loads faster. Simple designs are easy to create and modify.