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Domain name is an identification of a person, company, organization or public authority control on the internet. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages the top-level development and architecture of the Internet domain name space.

Domain name

Selection a domain name is very important for your product, service or any business. It should describe the business or your company name though is not so easy to find a creative domain name.

Domain name should be memorable and small that people can write easily but so many domain name already taken so you will not get your one within few seconds.

How to choose a nice domain? Tips of domain name :

– Letters, numbers and hyphens can be used for Domains without space between word or letters.

– Symbols are not allowed in domain names, it can not begin or end with hyphen, domains is not case sensitive and 2 to 63 total character can be assigned for domain names.

– Choose a new and easy domain name with .com, .net, info and .org as top level domain (TLDs) primarily. There are also country code code top level domain. bd, .uk, in, au, sa,.us, etc.

– Choose 3 or 4 names from your research name list, then go any whois check website to check availability of the domain. There are many online tools that help you to generate domain name according to given prefixes and suffixes.

– List of domain generators:


– Always avoid long abbreviation for domain, if you use abbreviation of 2 or 3 words that would be wise then using long name.

– If you have a www.yourcompany.com domain, consider to register .net biz, .info and .org to keep them out of your competitors.

– Be careful to enter domain name when you start registration process because you will not able to change domain name any more.

– If you can use a keyword for the domain name that is nice but url should be short and own brand name.
Domain is an identity of your business and valuable by considering contents, daily visitors, platform as well as interesting name.