Dust-Off Falcon Professional Electronics Compressed Air Duster, 12 oz. cans, 12 Packs

Dust-Off Falcon Professional Electronics Compressed Air Duster, 12 oz. cans, 12 Packs

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Removes dust, lint and other contaminants from hard to reach areas
Ideal for cleaning cpus, keyboards, computer mice, and workstations
Also great for cleaning items around the home including collectibles, figurines and window blinds


Mud-Off dusters supply effective Mud-putting off energy for virtually any process. Perfect for place of business use together with keyboards, CPU, pcs and mouse. Additionally nice for house use together with silk floral arrangements, restore benches, collectible figurines and blinds. one hundred% ozone protected. Comprises a bitterant to assist discourage inhalant abuse. Perfect for on a regular basis use. Falcon disposable Mud-off is further-huge, less expensive to make use of, and provides its Mud-putting off energy at much less price according to gram than aggressive merchandise. Appropriate for workstations, labs, restore benches, family use, on-area pictures, and the like. Mud-off compressed air thoroughly and temporarily blows away unfastened Mud, filth and lint from just about any floor … Pc monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners, compact discs, audio apparatus, cameras, lenses, enlargers, copiers, fax machines, video apparatus, stitching machines, electrical razors, microscopes, binoculars … And extra. Necessary Utilization Data:NEVER shake or tilt can Sooner than or throughout Utilization. Use in upright place handiest.NEVER use close to a possible ignition supply.NEVER Spray into an enclosed house, equivalent to a trash can or paper shredder.NEVER use on digital camera mirrors.AVOID pores and skin touch with product in liquid shape, might lead to frostbite.AVOID touch with product in liquid shape, might lead to plastic to discolor.CAUTION: Use in neatly-ventilated house. Stay out of succeed in of youngsters.Instructions for Correct Use:Sooner than Use: DO NOT SHAKE. Put off small tab on best of spray nozzle. Element nozzle clear of self and others. Hang can upright and pull cause to transparent valve of any liquid.To Use:Hang can upright roughly 2 inch clear of merchandise to be wiped clean. Pull cause in a chain of quick blasts. (DO NOT SHAKE). To scrub onerous-to-succeed in spaces, firmly insert extension tube into nozzle.
Gets rid of Mud, lint and different contaminants from onerous to succeed in spaces
Perfect for cleansing cpus, keyboards, Pc mice, and workstations
Additionally nice for cleansing pieces round the house together with collectibles, collectible figurines and window blinds
one hundred% ozone protected, Comprises no cfcs, hcfcs, propane or butane
12 oz.. cans, ultimate further longer

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