Alpha Delta Type DX-CC Parallel Dipole Twine Antenna, Multi-Band, Resonant, 1,000 W, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters, 82 feet., Totally Assembled Those are nice for Prime Efficiency and Restricted Area Antennas and in contrast to the standard Entice antenna, there aren’t any capacitors to damage down below Prime RF voltages. 50 Ohm direct coax feed; tuner regularly now not required while running in resonant bands, however can be utilized for multi-band. All wires are assembled to the middle insulator and make the most of stainless-steel hardware and 12-gauge forged copper Twine. Those antennas are shipped Totally assembled, except for for threading the 20 and 10 meter wires throughout the parallel Twine component spacers. Those are inserted throughout the antenna ultimate meeting and set up procedure. Specs: Frequency: 10/15/20/forty/eighty No Entice Layout Assembled Twine Antenna: Sure Twine Antenna Kind: Multi-band, resonant Antenna Energy Ranking: 1,000 W Twine Antenna Period: 82.00 feet. Antenna Tuner Required: No Feedline Connection Kind: UHF feminine, SO-239 Minimal Really useful Feedpoint Peak: 35.00 feet. Twine Gauge: 12-gauge Heart Insulator Most Rope Dimension: 0.313 in. Twine Antenna Weight: 5.70 lbs.