Interface: PCIe 3.0 x 4.0, NVMe 1.2
Options|Choices}: TRIM supported, S.M.A.R.T supported, automobile|automobile|car|car} rubbish|garbage} assortment|collection} set of rules|algorithm}, AES 256-bit for consumer|client|particular person} knowledge|wisdom|data} encryption, TCG Opal, Software|Instrument|Tool|Device} sleep mode reinforce|support|give a boost to|reinforce|toughen|reinforce|give a boost to|give a boost to|strengthen|make stronger}: 5 mW (L1.2)
Sequential Learn|Be informed}: As much as|As much as}} 3,200mbps; Sequential Write: As much as|As much as}} 1,500mbps; Random Learn|Be informed} (4KB; QD32): As much as|As much as}} 330,000 IOPS(Thread four|four}}); Random Write (4KB; QD32): As much as|As much as}} 300,000 IOPS (Thread four|four}}); Random Learn|Be informed} (4KB; QD1): As much as|As much as}} 14,000 IOPS (Thread 1); Random Write (4KB; QD1): As much as|As much as}} 50,000 IOPS (Thread 1)
Reliability (MTBF): 1.5 million hours reliability (MTBF); Working|Operating|Operating} Temperature: 0 level|degree|degree} C to 70 level|degree|degree} C (Measured via|via|by the use of|by the use of|by way of} SMART temperature -right kind|proper|proper} airflow beneficial|a good suggestion|in reality helpful|a good idea|in reality helpful}); Surprise|Marvel}: 1,500 G , length|period|period} 0.5 m sec, 3 axis
{Tool|Instrument|Software}|Device}: Control|Regulate} SW Magician {Tool|Instrument|Software}|Device} for SSD Control|Regulate}