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CableCreation GEN1 Brief USB3.1 USB-C (Sort C) to USB 3.0 A Feminine Adapter Cable
Aspect 1: USB-C Sort C Male Gold Plated Aluminum Shell (Host)
Aspect 2: USB 3.0 A feminine (Objective Instrument Aspect) Aluminum Shell
Cable: one hundred% Shielded Protection, GEN1 USB 3.1 CABLE: Inside cord is 1x Twisted Pair (28AWG for Sign)+2C for
Energy+2X More desirable Shielded Twisted Pair for Sign. So the Knowledge Switch price achieve even over 5Gbt/s Prime Velocity examined 5Gbt/s
Cable Colour: Area Grey Aluminum Shell with Black and White Jacket.
Cable Duration is 0.15M Roughly 0.5ft

Very Essential for Patrons:
For this Cable, USB 3.1 USB-C (Sort C) is HOST, USB A Feminine Aspect is TARGE/Instrument!
USB-C (Sort C) connect with the New Macbook(2015), Google Chromebook Pixel & Different Instrument Has USB-C Port.