Visbella Jelly Dust Cleaning Putty Gel Slime Remove Dust, Dirt, Hair, Crumbs for Car Dashboard Crevices Electronics PC…

Visbella Jelly Dust Cleaning Putty Gel Slime Remove Dust, Dirt, Hair, Crumbs for Car Dashboard Crevices Electronics PC… Price: $10.82 (as of 24/09/2021 00:35 PST- Details)


The Cleaning Gel Putty can be used for hard to reach spaces, areas, crevices, and spots in your car, office, and home due to its putty texture. This Stay Clean Putty keeps your car vents, dashboards and more completely dust free. The Cyber Tech Friendly Cleaning Jelly is applicable for most electronic appliances including keyboard, printer, camera, cell phone, speaker, and computer screen and other home and auto appliances
This High-Quality Soft Putty Cleaner is safe and easy to use. The Cleaning Gel instantly absorbs dust and dirt with little effort. All you need to do is press the cleaning slime to the surface that needs cleaning
While in use to absorb dust, the Cleaning Putty doesn’t leave sticky or greasy residue on surfaces or hands



This Cleansing gel is terribly efficient in soaking up and selecting up mud as a result of its Cushy putty like composition. It’s secure to make use of and cleans any onerous to achieve surfaces to your automotive, place of business and residential successfully. This Cleansing putty mud remover will highest Blank mud and mud from automotive vents, keyboards, telephones, pc consoles, printers, and so forth. It’s not sticky and will also be simply accelerated for higher surfaces by way of Merely rolling it or urgent it to the outside that must be wiped clean. In only some simple motions, the mud will briefly connect itself to the jelly Purifier, leaving the outside Blank and pristine. This gel Cleansing mud remover may also be used a few occasions till it turns a dismal colour and does no longer wish to be wiped clean. It must be stored it a fab and dry setting for sturdiness.
The Cleansing Gel Putty can be utilized for onerous to achieve spaces, spaces, crevices, and spots to your automotive, place of business, and residential as a result of its putty texture. This Keep Blank Putty assists in keeping your automotive vents, dashboards and extra totally mud unfastened. The Cyber Tech Pleasant Cleansing Jelly is appropriate for such a lot digital home equipment together with keyboard, printer, digital camera, mobile phone, speaker, and visual display unit and different house and car home equipment
This Top-High quality Cushy Putty Purifier is secure and simple to make use of. The Cleansing Gel in an instant absorbs mud and mud with little attempt. All you want to do is press the Cleansing slime to the outside that wishes Cleansing
At the same time as in use to take in mud, the Cleansing Putty does not go away sticky or greasy residue on surfaces or arms
This Purifier for electronics, car and house is to be had in a couple of scents: Herbal Inexperienced Apple, Lemon, Strawberry and Grape
It does no longer require Cleansing and this Tremendous Gel Cleansing putty can be utilized a few occasions till the colour turns darkish. Merely Kneed the Gel a few occasions prior to and after each and every use.

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